TAKE 5 with one of Chile’s wine superstars.

Eduardo Brethauer Roncagliolo has been judging for the Six Nations Wine Challenge in Sydney for the past seven years. He represents Chile in this prestigious wine show and brings a skilled view to the Challenge. He is the Editor if Vitis Magazine and by his own admission “a very funny and weird but very interesting wine guide called Vinos Con Cuento”.  We asked him to participate in Take 5 because we just knew his answers would be informative and entertaining. So here we go…

  1. When/how did you first become interested in wine?

Wine flows through my veins. My great grandfather, an Italian immigrant, made his own sparkling wine for family consumption. The wine came from ancient vines of Moscatel de Alejandría (on the area they call it Uva Italia or Italian Grape), planted in hills in the Itata Valley, in southern Chile. Much later,when I was working as a journalist in Valparaíso, I left behind my films and TV series critics. My love for wine became a marriage. In other words, in hard work.

  1. Do you have an all-time favourite variety or does it change (and what is it)?

 I believe that in my genes there is a taste for some strains. From my Brethauer side, I adore the deepness of German Riesling. From my Roncagliolo side, on the other hand, I enjoy the cheerful soul of a simple Italian Vino de Tavola. And from my Chilean side, I believe and promote the character of Carignan and other Mediterranean grapes from the dry-farming zones. But I also have a glamorous side. I never say no to the elegance and subtlety of a Pinot Noir from Burgundy. Wine has multiple personalities. Me too!

  1. What is the biggest misconception about wine?

 The worst mistake that has been made is to show wine as an elitist product, sometimes incomprehensible, full of cheesy messages and technicalities. Wine is a noble and healthy product. Wine is part of our daily life, our culture and history. It makes us travel to many unknown regions, without spending money on tickets. It also makes us travel in time, to remember moments of our lives through the harvests. And best of all: wine makes us smile, enjoy a good a conversation or a moment alone, enjoy the simplicity of life.

 4. If you were going to a dinner party, which wine would you take for the host?

 Of course, not the most expensive wine. I always choose the most unknown or rare wines that dislocate my friends, especially if they are Chilean. Lately, I have shared sparkling wines from País or Mission variety, very mineral whites and Pinot Noir from Patagonia, that surprise the guests with an unprecedented acidity for a Chilean wine, or a natural wine from Macondo, that surrealistic locality that GarcíaMárquez discovered and that still we are discovering…

 5. Scenario: You’re blissfully enjoying the perfect glass of wine. What music is playing?

 When I’m alone, completely alone, I enjoy Pink Floyd with a symphonic red blend, full of breaks and with psychedelic touches.

Thank you Eduardo

It’s been a delight!