Put your passport away, this is the Australian Pyrenees. However, the Francophiles will be satiated because French influences are everywhere.

Like the wine haven of the same name in France and Spain, the vineyards function within a range of diverse microclimates and are set among sweeping ranges with spectacular views. (Although, we’re pretty sure in the European Pyrenees you can’t get a wine among the eucalyptus trees).

Make the two-hour trek from Melbourne to meet the winemakers in their own cellar doors, where they will win you over with first-rate cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc and sparkling.

Kaz says: Remy Martin, that French purveyor of Cognac and other fine forms of alcohol, was responsible for reinvigorating wine in the region in the 1960s when he established Chateau Remy. It’s now well known as Blue Pyrenees Estate.