Murray Darling

The Mildura Murray Darling wine region is crushing it. It is credited for more than 20% of Australia’s wine grape harvest; no doubt, in part, thanks to some of the most successful wine companies in the country.

It also churns out about 80% of its dried fruit and 15% of its citrus fruit. Needless to say, the local food is as flavoursome and diverse as its vino.

Cellar door visitors have their pick of going big on the rambling estates of big name brands, and/or tasting the wares of smaller operations with innovative, new approaches to the process.

You will happen upon the Mildura Murray Darling district if you land either side of the Murray River in north west Victoria or western New South Wales. While you’re there, pay particular attention to the region’s chardonnay, shiraz and cabernet sauvignon specialties.