As Tim Kirk explains, there are many things to love about Shiraz, but there is one characteristic that makes it Australia’s truly outstanding grape variety: it is emotionally complex.

Shiraz has the amazing ability to capture the personalities of the region, the vintage and the winemaker, all in one glass of wine. And when you line up a row of Shiraz wines from Australia’s boutique makers, the sheer diversity of flavours, styles and, yes, emotions on display is breathtaking. From cool pepper and subtle spice to potent blackberry, plum and cola. From the intricate, elegant and the ethereal to the ultra intense and power-packed. You can find an Australian Shiraz to capture any mood.

A Barossa Shiraz is the perfect beverage for a cold winter’s night. It is a true comfort wine. Full of righteous fire and potent presence, insisting with every sip that there is warmth in the world and all will be well in the end.

A Shiraz from the Grampians region in Victoria: a sophisticated wine with layered intricacy and subtle authority. Just the ticket when mulling strategies for business growth or planning some new venture.

A Hunter Shiraz is a deliciously savoury creature; sinewy, resolute and capable of remarkable longevity. Drink these when you need encouragement.

If you were planning proposing marriage to your beloved of course there could only be one choice: A Shiraz from the Canberra District. The list goes on!

The Australian Shiraz landscape will provide a wine to meet you right where you are. Go on and investigate the remarkable emotional range on offer through the work of Australia’s boutique Shiraz makers.

Tim Kirk
Winemaker. Clonakilla, The Canberra District.

Tim joined the judging team for the Australian and New Zealand Boutique Wine Show in 2015 and as a world renowned Shiraz producer he was asked to write a few words about his beloved variety.