Where do we want to go?

The CELLARDOORS.CO app allows visitors to research and plan their next trip directly to your door. Featuring information about your cellar door, facilities, wines, nearby attractions, accommodation, restaurants and more. The cellardoors.co app is the wine lovers and tourists essential travel companion.

Awesome, let’s drop in!

The app features geo-targeted search meaning visitors can tap the ‘near me’ icon and find you when travelling around your area. Your business is shown on the map with a clickable pin that shows exactly where you are and how to get there and detailed information about your business is only a swipe of the screen away.

This is what I’m looking for

A traveller has just found your business. Now they are looking at your must try wines, your facilities, your images, your reviews, deals and details… they like it and add it to their wishlist. Whether they are in the area or just planning a trip from home your business is now in their mind and their intent has been captured.

This is my wishlist

Visitors will find and save their favourite places to the app then share them with friends and family. There is no better promotion in the world than word of mouth and your business should be on everyone’s lips. As well as the app, our social media channels will also play a vital part in making your place go viral.

I found a bargain!

Visitors can find deals with a quick tap of the app. Deals that you set-up with your own pricing, duration and quantities. Visitors then turn into customers when they flash you the app to redeem your promotional voucher. Customers pay you direct at point of purchase and there are no commissions.

What’s on this weekend?

Tourists are searching for something to do somewhere near you this weekend. Our app shows a list of regional events that either you are hosting or your entire region is hosting. You have the ability to list your own events from local market stalls to music festivals which then leads to more travellers to your door.