Bob Campbell MW is known as Mr New Zealand wine with an international palate. Bob Campbell was the second New Zealander and is one of just over 300 people in the world to hold the Master of Wine qualification. He founded The Wine Gallery, an Auckland based wine school, in 1990 and is widely regarded as the New Zealand’s foremost wine educator. Over 22,000 people have attended wine courses and wine seminars run by Bob Campbell throughout New Zealand and in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and London. He currently teaches the New Zealand Level Two Wine Certificate in China and Hong Kong in association with NZ Winegrowers.

Bob is an international wine judge who travels regularly with his wife Marion to wine shows all over the world. He is a writer and a wine educator. For 14 years he has judged for the Six Nations Wine Challenge held in Australia and he writes for the popular  Real Review in association with Huon Hooke.

We asked Bob to reveal some of his personal thoughts about wine for our blog.

1.   When/how did you first become interested in wine?

After I joined Montana Wines as an accountant. All my friends knew I was working for a wine company and thought I was an expert, which I wasn’t. So I teamed up with a few friends and formed a wine club which met monthly. It was a great way to taste a wide range of wines and to learn from others.

2.  Do you have an all-time favourite variety or does it change (and what is it)?

I’m pretty faithful to Pinot Noir although I fool around with Nebbiolo, Chardonnay, Riesling, Bordeaux reds and Syrah from time to time.

3. What is the biggest misconception about wine?

“I know what I like”. You don’t. You like what you know. In other words your taste for wine is dictated by the wines you taste/drink. People who hunker down with the same old, same old are missing out on the pleasure that vinous promiscuity can bring.

4. If you were going to a dinner party, which wine would you take for the host?

If I didn’t know what the host’s favourite wine style was I’d find out.

5.  Scenario: You’re blissfully enjoying the perfect glass of wine. What music is playing?

Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik. It’s what I used to play when I was cleaning up after a wine class. It always lifts my spirits.

Thank you Bob