This is the first of what we hope will be a regular feature on Tales from the Cellar Door. It’s our chance to celebrate and interrogate (not really) the stars of the wine world – winemakers, influencers and personalities.

This week, we’re thrilled to feature Andrew Koerner from Blue Pyrenees Estate, who kindly took five minutes to answer five questions that are sure to give us wine lovers plenty of insight and inspiration.

Andrew Koerner

Chief Winemaker & CEO Blue Pyrenees Estate

1. When/how did you first become interested in wine?

Through grape picking then working a vintage in the Riverland in South Australia.

2. Do you have an all-time favourite variety or does it change (and what is it)?

It definitely varies, but right now it’s Cabernet Sauvignon.

3. What is the biggest misconception about wine?

That wine is just for snobs – it’s for everyone. You just have to find the right style and price for you.

4. If you were going to a dinner party, what wine would you bring the host?

Most likely a good vintage Bordeaux

5. Scenario: You’re blissfully enjoying the perfect glass of wine. What music is playing?



Thanks Andrew!


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