The Riverland Wine Region is an Australian geographical indication roughly corresponding to the Riverland tourism region in South Australia. It is the only region currently identified in the Lower Murray zone and does not have any defined subregions. The region roughly corresponds to the river flats and irrigated lands along the Murray River from just below where it flows into South Australia downstream to Blanchetown.

Riverland Wine Region: Let’s paint the picture: over 300km of winding wine countryside, following the mighty Murray River. All to a backdrop of limestone cliffs as it makes its way to the ocean. Pretty isn’t it? Here you will find a vast array of wineries – large and small – across five main towns producing almost a third of Australia’s grapes.
The warm climate is ripe for daring interpretations of zinfandel, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon and merlot as well as experimentation with Mediterranean varieties (montepulciano, vermentino and nero d’avola).
As the name suggests, Riverland life revolves around the river – look to the waterfront for activities, accommodation and dining and you can’t go wrong.