Back in 1913, some folks in the Riverina region had a bit of a look around at the flat plains and the abundant water supply in the warm climate and had an idea. They decided to plant some grapes. And what a good idea it was; the Riverina region now grows 55% of wine grapes in NSW, 15% of Australia’s grapes and is the country’s biggest exporter of wine.

Located in southern NSW, just before the Victorian border, the Riverina is famous the world over for its production of the dessert wine, botrytis semillon. Not to be forgotten; its gewurztraminer, chenin blanc, semillon, marsanne, chardonnay, verdelho, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and shiraz are also great representations of region.

Interestingly, while the Riverina is one of the biggest wine producing regions, it has only 16 wineries. Most are big, family companies. Most have cellar doors. All are impressive as all get out.

Oh, and you know how the Riverina terroir was ideal for grape growing? The conditions also turned out to be an excellent for producing citrus and stone fruits, nuts, lamb, beef, chicken, quail and grains like wheat and rice. Enjoy!