Be careful when you talk to people about ‘Orange wines’. The uninitiated will be left examining the contents of their glass, searching for a tangerine-like hue.

However, those in the know, will understand immediately that you are speaking of the burgeoning, cold climate region that has wine lovers flocking to cellar doors serving sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot noir and sparkling wines beyond reproach. It’s not unusual to have hatted chefs adding their flavours to food featured on site, either. Both food and wine are kind of a big deal in these parts.

In addition to wineries that will take your breath away, there is a good chance that your memories of a trip to the Orange region will be peppered with heritage streetscapes in 23 different villages, fine restaurants, orchards and a 3.5 drive from either Sydney or Canberra through countryside that will put you right in the getaway mindset.