New England

What would be your first priority if you had sailed halfway around the world to settle in a new, undeveloped land down under and discovered transportation of alcohol from major centres was difficult?

Why, you would plant vineyards, of course.

Despite a long history of DIY winemakers that can be traced back to the late 1800s, New England is one of the newest wine regions in NSW to be officially recognised. Its diverse topography – extremely high altitude (some vineyards are 1,000m above sea level) and both cool and warm winemaking climates – produce an assortment of wine varieties. Chardonnay is somewhat of a calling card, with a great selection reisling, tempranillo, semillon, and shiraz also available to taste and enjoy.

Located around 60kms inland in northern NSW, the New England region further enchants visitors with some of the highest and most spectacular waterfalls in the state set amongst world heritage rainforests and national parks.