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The Gisborne Wine Region is in a relatively remote area. However it rewards those who take a trip east with a diverse range of wines, from full flavoured and fruit driven, to critically acclaimed biodynamic classics.

This remote wine region on the east coast is best known for Chardonnay however many winemakers also produce Pinot Gris to great acclaim. There are 29 wineries in the region with an increasing number producing biodynamic classics. The eclectic collection of varieties includes Sparkling Wine, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Semillon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Pinotage and Fortified wines. Simply a tourist’s joyride of flavours and experiences.
Gisborne is New Zealand’s third largest wine region and is home to a mix of large producers, boutique wineries, and entrepreneurial growers, who are continuously exploring new varieties and vineyard sites.
Delightfully bright Pinot Gris is the region’s second largest wine variety, with emerging varieties being trialed with great success.
Rich in history, Gisborne claims Captain Cook’s first landfall, as well as being the first place in New Zealand to see the sunrise. Gisborne’s high amount of sunshine not only attributes to robust growing conditions, but also makes this region a stellar place to visit. The award-winning wineries of this region are close neighbors, both in proximity and community, and can all be reached within 15 minutes from city center or Gisborne Airport. This accessibility allows visitors to take their time, relax, and savour the region’s highly acclaimed wines. This cool little surf town is chock full of cafes, shops and galleries, and also has an abundance of options for nature lovers including trekking, fishing, surfing, and cycling.