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New Zealand

The New Zealand Wine Regions are crowded with trophies and gold medals. Won not only on home ground but across the globe at every major global wine show. The land of the long white cloud has become the land of attention-grabbing wines.

New Zealand’s temperate maritime climate is not only ideal for growing grapes, but as a result is also for tasting and enjoying wine. If you are planning to visit New Zealand, you can enjoy the wineries across all seasons and all weather.

For New Zealand’s wine industry it represents a commitment to protect the places that make our famous wines.

Sustainable Winegrowing in New Zealand is widely recognised as a world-leading sustainability programme.  Also it was one of the first to be established in the international wine industry.

We want to ensure that our activities lead to continuously improving economic, environmental and social outcomes, locally and globally.

While the wine regions are known for their abundance of sunshine, there’s no better way to pass the occasional rainy day than visiting the cellar doors. New Zealand’s wineries are found in some of the most stunning environments, also often along dramatic coastlines and among rolling green hills.

With hundreds of tasting rooms, winery restaurants, vineyard accommodation, winery tours and experiences spread across 10 regions, there is something for everyone. The cellar doors are comfortable and approachable, and most of all provide an environment for both wine novices and aficionados alike. As a result visitors can meet the friendly people behind New Zealand wine, often even the winemaker!

New Zealand’s wine regions extend 1,600km (1000 miles) from sub-tropical Northland (36° S) down to Central Otago (46° S), home to the world’s most southerly vineyards. The 12 wine regions are spread across the two islands and also offer a full range of both red and white wines representing all major varieties. The offerings are a traveller’s dream. They are dotted among outstanding scenery, nestled by mountains and valleys and within a stone’s throw of world class restaurants and accommodation. Get your palate ready for an exciting ride.

The Lighter Wines initiative is the largest research and development initiative ever undertaken by the New Zealand wine industry. Lighter Wines is designed to position New Zealand as number one in the world for high-quality, lower alcohol and lower calorie wines. They are defined as wines containing less than 10% alcohol by volume.

The $16-million, seven-year programme (which started in 2014), most of all aims to capitalise on market-led opportunities both at home and overseas.

Most noteworthy the challenge is not simply to produce lower alcohol wines, but to focus research on natural production using sustainable viticultural techniques and native yeasts. This focus provides our 18 industry partners with a point of difference to other offerings in the market.

Another point of difference can be seen in the market-driven approach. Where research projects may once have focused on problem-solving complex viticultural issues, Lighter Wines aims to drive export growth. As a result, marketing is one of five pillars supporting the programme, along with research in viticulture, winemaking and sensory profiling in tandem with extension (skills development).