The approaching 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana is serving as a reminder of her extraordinary life and all that she meant to the world. She was – and is – loved by so many people for so many things – her charity, her compassion, her fashion and beauty, her personalisation of the monarchy, her dedication to her children.

She was also a great global traveller; a roving woman of the world who embodied the true spirit of travel and connection in so many ways:

Diana travelled widely

The British royal family notoriously travels a lot. Diana was no different – not only as part of her royal duties, but on her own as part of charity works and she spent much of her personal holiday time abroad in many different countries.

Photo: Getty Images/Tim Graham

There are almost infinite places in the world – the more you see, the greater your empathy for people and the greater your appreciation and enjoyment of this world.

Diana went beyond the major cities

As well as to capitals, major cities and Commonwealth destinations, the princess sought out locations in outer reaching areas of places like Brazil, Lahore, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Angola and Pakistan.

Diana in Rajastan


Those that go off the beaten path, are often more open to deeper, richer, and more fulfilling experiences.

Diana listened to locals

Whether it was to AIDS patients in the early days of the epidemic or to landmine victims in Angola, listening to everyday people was kind of Princess Diana’s thing.

(Photo: AP Photo/Giovanni Diffidenti)

Wherever you go in the world, when you listen to the people around you, you get a greater understanding of them and their way of life and are more likely to experience things you ordinarily would not and to gain a different perspective.

Diana made it her business to learn about different cultures

Diana immersed herself in the unfamiliar – always ready to soak in new cultures.


Cultural immersion is a unique experience that can open doors to a deeper more authentic understanding of an unfamiliar place.

Diana tried to contribute more than she took away.

Tea Ceremony)

The saying goes, ‘Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints’ – but to take it one step further, contributing in ways like investment in the local economy, raising awareness of local issues or simply forging friendships can be all the more valuable.