Like the butterfly and the sun-seeking wine lovers, CELLARDOORS.CO is about to embrace spring as we launch the new website.

Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon at spring time, wine lovers are beginning to come out from winter hibernation.

Of course, any time of year is a great time for wine discovery but when the sun’s out; the fun’s out. And really, while a nice, warm red beside a roaring fire is sublime, when the cold (and colds) of winter abate, a sumptuous, chilled glass of wine in a beautiful, sunny location is hard to beat.

But I digress.

The wait is over

We’re excited to announce that the new CELLARDOORS.CO website and wine discovery portal are now live, complementing the app and making it easier than ever before to access and fall in love with Australian wine country. Like all tech-based tools, enhancements to our apps and online site will continue for ever and ever and ever and ever …

But enough about us. What about you? What do you think of us? (Jokes!) Our very mission is to connect wine lovers who love to travel and travellers who love wine with wine and winemakers. So, without further ado, here are 5 things the free CELLARDOORS.CO website and app can do for you RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW:


  1. Make your travel decision-making easier (and harder). Explore the website and put into place the plans for your next trip to any of the 77 amazing wine regions across Australia. Read about each region, check out the wineries, accommodation, dining options, events and special offers available that may sway your decision.
  2. Carry out your plans from the palm of your hand. Download the CELLARDOORS.CO app – then create an itinerary, share it with your travel companions, and let it guide you when you travel (forget wasting packing space with a multitude of brochures or wasting your time with the often unreliable, out of date car GPS systems). And, how refreshing to actually have an app on your phone that is real-world useful!

Sidenote: Not to mention having the icon right there on your phone will spur you into action, get your A into G and your partner off the couch (or your mates) to join you for a wine country getaway.

  1. Expand your mind. Discover wine regions and cellar doors you never even knew existed and, let’s be honest, were never going to know existed. Sure, there are lots of wineries out there with marketing information in visitor centres but without a fully comprehensive winery database and directory, until now it’s been almost impossible to get a comprehensive overview to make an informed choice about where to go. And, while we feature a growing selection of special wine trail destinations, we are committed to listing all of them.
  2. Share your discoveries. I think we can agree that a big part of the fun of wine trail discovery is sharing our finds (and our wine) with like-minded, intrepid vino adventurers. It’s so easy and so quick to leave a review of a winery that stole your heart on the app from your phone. Give it a try – start now with your favourite cellar doors that you’ve been to in the past. (Here’s an example of one I prepared a little earlier: scroll down to the bottom of the Hanging Tree listing.) Easy peasy.
  3. Learn the secrets behind Australia’s Cellar Doors. Sign up for our insights, musings and updates. Stay up to date with the latest news, events, things to do and places to see and receive special discounts and offers from our partners. Rest assured, we won’t inundate your inbox.

 We want to feature you

I recently completed a fabulous (and efficient) CELLARDOORS.CO wine trail expedition in Heathcote, which I’ll be sharing on the blog next week. We’d love to hear about yours too! Let us know about your travels using CELLARDOORS.CO, send us your pix and we’ll share your story on our socials and blog posts.

All that’s left to do now is down to you. Go forth, taste the wine, share the love and report back.